Do not test Reza Aslan.

We must train and retain our ability to listen and process critically.

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Video games are great, they let you try your craziest fantasies. For example, on the sims, you can have a job and a house

In skyrim you can eat 100 cheese wheels in under a minute 

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My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with its partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.

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“maybe if i drink another coffee, i will feel better”

“maybe if i buy myself a new sweater, i will feel better”

“maybe if i get so drunk i can’t see, i will feel better”

“maybe if i sleep for fourteen hours, i will feel better”

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The Lord of the Rings book covers designed by J.R.R Tolkien himself. 

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